Answers to questions clients frequently ask us at TIAH. Some give insights to our work process. We have also included some questions which may not be relevant in the context but quirky indeed.

I don’t need an Interior designer! Do I ?

Yes you do! An Interior designer will help you live in a space which you have visualized in your dream. Some of us are gifted with creative minds and many a times your own ideas will suit you better. Moreover, internet is a boon for all of us with a vast range of information and ideas. Your designer will fine tune those ideas and help you execute it in a better way because she has a wider knowledge of the products available in the market and she has a talented team to execute the job. She might give you ideas that add sparkle to your creativity, owing to her experience.

Aren’t Interior designers too expensive compared to a carpenter ?

There is a common misconception that Interior designers are usually expensive. Many of us believe in acquiring the materials directly from the shop and getting the work done with the help of a carpenter. The fact is, an Interior designer is often less expensive compared to a local carpenter. She assures the quality of the products used and can help her clients from making mistakes while choosing the materials and in turn save money!

(One of my clients was keen on face lifting her kitchen by only changing the laminates of the shutters. I suggested that she go with changing them to new shutters because the cost of undoing and redoing the old shutters would be equal to procuring new ones. She agreed with me after some research and we replaced the shutters! Later she revealed that she always felt interior designers are way too expensive and surprisingly I proved her wrong!)

Big brands usually give high quality products. Hence they are pricey. Do you agree ?

Big brands usually use high quality products and accessories. So do we! But compared to these very big brands, TIAH is less expensive. In TIAH we exclusively use Hafele (Blum), Hettich and Grass products as standard fittings. If you notice, big names come with a big price because you will be charged 75% to 100% more than the MRP for all accessories. Tiah doesn't discourage anyone from buying these products, but a general comparison is vital to make customers realize the quality of the materials that they purchase for that up market price.

What tips do you like to give to your clients?

Many clients like to go for jazzy lightings, colourful walls, textured painted surfaces etc, attracted by displays in many interior design studios.I always advice my clients to blend colours in sync with their furniture and decor. We will soon get bored of the textures and colours. It'ss always better to use colours that coolly blend with the rest of the decor. That way, your home will not get out dated soon. Few years back textured wall effect was the in-thing. Now plain walls with massive murals or paintings look better to our eyes. It's better to experiment more with movable things in your living spaces, than getting stuck with permanent features like textured paints.

In India, modular kitchens and interiors have only 10% of the market share, where as a local carpenter still has 90% of the interiors market. A major part of the world depends on home improvements only through designers and modular kitchen manufacturers.


TIAH is an interior showroom like any other, where you will get to see some kitchen displays and accessories for your home.

But here in TIAH, we not only design your spaces with passion...we also build a relationship with every client that is to stay. TIAH is professional, TIAH aims for perfection, TIAH works passionately with an aesthetic flavor of emotions to perceive your dreams. Every project, irrespective of its magnitude, would be personal to us and would be given equal importance. After all...