TIAH – The Interiors and Art House

The other day my good old friend who is a renowned singer now, recollected that during her childhood days, all that she loved to do was sing, sing, sing! My husband , as a child was very interested in gadgets and eventually he lived through his dream to become a hardware engineer.
I read a newspaper report about my classmate , who is a diamond jewellery designer and exporter now, that she developed a passion for this at a very young age!

Somewhere , somehow, there is a sign that shows a direction in our lives …..the truth….the reason for why we are here in this mystic world. At a very young age, we unknowingly nuture an interest or many interests that travels with us as we grow. Some fortunate souls have people around them who would recognise their talents and interests and encourage them to go ahead in quest of their long cherished dream. Some struggle it through and become what they ultimately want. But there are these unfortunate many……who slog it out without knowing what they want! These ‘many’ people would have become successful engineers, doctors, businessmen, teachers etc; But they may not be those happy souls who enjoy a simple meal with their family after slogging it out during the day!I was introspecting my childhood days….just to be sure , I am in the right place. ¬†As a child I exhibited many talents (or that’s what my mom and grandmom feel). I could sing, dance, draw…..
I also used to make my own language and talk with my cousin for hours (interestingly she too started replying in a similar tone). When I sang, people said I may become a good singer, when I stitched , my friends advised me to start a boutique, and the list went on! I had a very personal hobby of collecting pictures of beautifully decorated homes. I used to meticulously cut out pictures which fascinated me the most. I had some fifty to sixty books in this order and they came with me wherever I went….it came with me from Chennai to Trivandrum and then to my in- laws place after our marriage . But nobody noticed this craze that I was carrying with me throughout my formative years. I was overjoyed, when I got hold of an expensive copy of Inside Outside magazine from Annasalai road in Chennai. I have a huge collection of those, starting from 1992.Now, after many years, when I see myself ¬†designing homes , I am overwhelmed with joy!
Yes , I believe, I am in the right place, doing what I always wanted to do…..designing homes, dreaming and creating beautiful homes out of the four walls and a white ceiling called house!
TIAH….The Interiors and Art House is where I belong….for after all…the sign did show very early, although it was tapped out later, as a hidden treasure!

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