The Client….that we all are!

I have always loved meeting people.

Interior designers have an edge above the rest of the people when it comes to understanding the lifestyle of a client, as its extremely vital for a designer to know her client’s tastes, habits, paranoia, apprehensions, necessities, aesthetic sense, working hours, cooking style, interests and so on…..!

By the time we complete the first level of discussion with the client and her family, I would have figured out their interests, needs, lifestyle, sleeping hours, cooking style etc; Its very important for an interior designer to first make her clients comfortable so that the first level discussion runs smoothly!

And its more so vital to maintain confidentiality of their revelations. Hence, this post will not have interesting facts of my clients lives!! ( I know I have lost half of you by this time…..)

Then, why this post?

Well….things are changing for the better in the Interiors industry in India! The beauty industry flourished in the late 90’s when awareness and the need to be well groomed was marketed intelligently ! I think, this is the era for aesthetics! I feel elated to see more and more people coming to Tiah to groom their dream home. ( Yes , we do make money in the process!) But more than money, I am happy because a lot of people have realised what a beautifully, ergonomically, practically designed home can do to their lives. Again….so why this post?

We get different types of clients in our showroom….some seem to be lost, some are willing to explore, some just want to wail away your time!! There are these typical clients who are ready to turn into interior designers ( due to the scores of research they would have done , since the day they booked their apartment….and the builder seems to be in no hurry to complete the work;) ) This type of client is the most challenging of the lot. Well , we also have these sane clients who come with an open mind to explore and let us do our duty. Phew….now this post is actually for all those people who want a decent space to be designed and executed. Its for those who want guidance as to what to look for and how to prepare yourself before meeting your interior designer.

How to prepare yourself before you meet your designer?

I will be putting forth few questions here, for which you can scribble short answers. That would fairly become your basic preparation. ( Of course the Ph D holders need no help here!! I know I know 😂)

( A piece of advise from the wise souls of TIAH. Your home is yours and your needs and life style will be unique and different from your friends’. So, you should seriously consider asking yourself about your needs rather than copying a colleague or friends tastes. Its easy. Believe (in) us!

1. How do you visualise your home,once its furnished?

2. Do you have a theme in mind? Like, country style, contemporary, traditional etc;

3. Are you that Mr. Perfect with that typical OCD for cleanliness?

4. Do you have a budget and if so, are you flexible with the budget?

5. Have you done a market survey as to how much people usually spend for interiors? Yes, people usually come with a budget of 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs. It depends a lot on what you want and what’s the area that has to be furnished.

6. Have you searched for google images? I know you would have! Do save the ones that you loved the most and bring it to us. Its lot more easier to understand your taste when we look at the pictures. We may not copy them , though!

7. Do you want a false ceiling? If so, why?

8. Are you ready to spend for a good quality work?

9. Did you read the reviews of the company that you are planning to visit? Don’t go completely by good or bad reviews, though. Use your discretion and intuition judiciously after visiting your designer. Yes, believe in your intuition!

10. What are the appropriate/ approximate sizes of wardrobes, kitchen cabinets you need, to store your precious things? To me, this is an interesting question that you have to tag mark and ask yourself. It helps you optimize space and build storage spaces as per your need and don’t overdo it. It will motivate you to let go several things that you actually don’t need at all. And in turn save cost by not over building.

Before signing off….I want you to ponder over the question….what would a beautifully designed home do to your heart!!

Officially signing off for now,


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