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Chip out..

I am in two minds, whether to name this blog “chip out” or “cheap out”. I leave it to you to decide at the end.
Chip out in the context of woodwork is the phenomenon of the edges of laminate becoming irregular or jagged during a cutting operation.
Chip out in a laminate..
This is typical of furniture made by carpenters using hand tools, irrespective of which state they come from (Rajasthan or others). The problem is with process and not with the person. Carpenters usually cut a laminate using a handheld saw (separately or after sticking two of them to both sides of a board such as plywood or MDF). When the teeth of the saw comes out of the laminate, some material along the edge gets peeled off in an irregular manner. This is what is known as chip out. In case the cutting is done after sandwiching a board between two laminates, the top laminate into which the saw teeth enter will be cut clean. However, the bottom laminate, from which the teeth exit will experience chip out (like the exit wound of a bullet). This is inevitable as long as a single blade saw is used. You need not worry, this won’t happen in our work. Wondering why ( or how )?
The secret is in the process… In our cabinets, the laminates are cut after sandwiching then to a board(usually plywood). And they are not cut by hand saws, but rather in sophisticated machines. These machines have two blades, one for cutting and the another smaller one called scoring blade situated before the cutting blade to cut the laminate on the bottom side, before the cutting blades teeth exits from that surface. Since the laminate is scored our cut by another blade, the cutting blade will not create an exit wound or chip out in that laminate. Scoring blade prevents chip out

Laminate is one of the cheapest but most versatile materials available today for interior design. However, if we try to go with a traditional carpenter for further (apparent) cost savings, the result is chip out… That will be in addition to material waste due to unplanned cutting, damage to your floor, walls etc due to moving, cutting, sticking etc and time waste due to manual operations. Don’t forget to add number of extra EMIs you have to shell out while still paying rent because of this time delay, when doing your calculation to decide between a traditional carpenter or a reputed company like us, who can deliver a better modular kitchen or wardrobes, much faster and without any mess. I leave it to you to decide, whether to experience chip(cheap) out or not…

See you later

Modular kitchens.. the need of the hour

We Indians have our own way at figuring out things…..!

The other day a client asked me …..” One of my friends’ told me that….It seems….Rajasthani carpenters are the best in India! They do a fabulous job. Is that true?”

Now…… sitting on the other end of the table….well….what could I say? He’s come to us to get his house designed and executed by us and after three long hours of question/answer session, he puts forth this question! Candidly, it really pricks. And there was this other client who walked in and banged all of the shutters that we had literally put up with sweat and hard work. When my Senior designer cordially gestured that those are fitted with soft close hinges and are meant to be operated softly…..the client vigourously banged yet another shutter, turned around and told her…” I know that Madam….and that’s exactly why I’m doing this, to check if these systems work in adverse conditions.
We had a hearty laugh over that….thinking about the adversity he must be facing at home!

You really can’t blame him! We test drive a car, not to feel the power and luxury it gives….but to see if it can withstand the puddles and bumps on the road! We register for servicing our washing machines in the morning, they give us a 24 hour promise, but we call them….just to remind them that there’s only 15 hours/ 5 hours/ 1 hour left for the 24 hours to exhaust! The list is endless.
Why go far….? Many of our clients come to us to get the interiors done because they don’t have time to get the work done themselves (they mean…. find a “Rajasthani” carpenter, literally buy all the materials, and get the work done on site). And now, after entrusting the job to us, they come to the site every single day, morning to night, to see whether everything is happening, the way it was meant!
Lack of trust. Yes, let’s admit that we don’t trust anybody. We can’t trust anybody because we have had experiences, you know?

Another most common question that some clients have asked us…..” Modular kitchens don’t last, do they? ” Now…now….let me explain! Exasperated, I tell them,,,Modular Kitchens, modular wardrobes are not boxes made from particle boards or MDF boards alone. We can very much make Modular Kitchens with ply too. Then, if you ask me, what is the difference between the work that our Rajasthani Carpenter does and what we do?

Let me explain………….

As the name goes………….Modular means in modules….in packs or in groups.
Modular Kitchens or Modular Wardrobes will have separate modules or cabinet for every single unit in your kitchen or wardrobe. Lets assume that you have a cutlery unit A, an oil pull out B, a Tall unit C, a storage unit D. Units A,B,C and D will each be made into separate boxes and then assembled on site with connectors. Each unit will not share any wall with the other units. In simple words Modular units are as simple as that!

In the above images are you able to see how well organised you can convert your kitchen?
The”Rajasthani Carpenter ” must have been a great artisan of the Jodhpur Gharana. He must be good at carving your doors, chairs and table legs . But if he claims, what he regularly does in most of the Indian kitchens, as Modular…….sorry to say…..that is not modular, thats merely a cheap imitation of a stylish Modular Kitchen, which the Italians have strived to build!
Read in my next blog, why Modular Kitchens are not easy to build and why they are comparitively expensive…………

Signing off……..